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Australian Real Estate Home Loans is a Credit Representative of Choice Aggregation Services and is an innovator in providing mortgage options and creating home loan solutions for people around Australia and also overseas. We are highly regarded because of our commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism, reliability and integrity.

No more meeting with the banks. Instead we will be your own professional advisor to help you untangle the mortgage maze. We have a combined 50 years experience in the finance industry helping people just like you.

We will listen to your needs and help you choose the loan that suits you best. We can explain all about mortgage reduction strategies, how to achieve a low interest payment and how you can reduce or eliminate fees.

Australian Real Estate Home Loans receive a commission from the lender that best suits your needs, this means our personal service and advice is provided to you at no additional cost. Buying a home or investment property should be one of the most rewarding, exciting moments in your life. Everyone at Australian Real Estate Home Loans is committed to help you achieve these goals.

Your guide through the Mortgage Maze

Countless people – in fact more than 80% of home buyers – choose a home loan for all the wrong reasons. They struggle year after year with results far below their true potential.

Throwing money at institutions simply because they have advertised the best rate on the day, or offered you discounted establishment fees, can end in bitter disappointment.

Over time more and more of the shortcomings of the loan become painfully apparent and you will either put up with it, or pay huge penalties and new setup fees to take a better deal elsewhere.

Do you feel you’re working too hard to pay off your loan with very little reward?

Over the past 5 years, we’ve committed thousands of hours, working with homebuyers, one on one, developing and enhancing our knowledge of home loans and ultimately assisting them in choosing the perfect loan for them.

If you feel you’re working too hard to pay off your loan with very little reward, feel free to call us on 03 9325 4255 and we will untangle the Mortgage Maze for you.



Australian Real Estate Home Loans Pty Ltd
ACN 087 356 787

Australian Real Estate Home Loans (Holdings) Pty Ltd
CCR (Corporate Credit Rep) number 436144

Andrew White CRN (Credit Representative Number) 399713 
Gary Tilton CRN (Credit Representative Number) 400092


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ACN 087 356 787
Australian Credit Licence Number 397388
Credit Representative Number 399713  Andrew White
Credit Representative Number 400092 Gary Tilton
Corporate Credit Rep
Australian Real Estate Home  Loans (Holdings) 436144